Our strong in-house engineering capabilities form the cornerstone on which we are able to design and build automated production lines for foam fabrication. This enables Fagerdala to transform design concepts to reality, while achieving greater output efficiency and product quality consistency in the production process.

Our automated fabrication process empowers Fagerdala to employ a flexible operations system that is capable of supporting high mix low volume and high volume customers. It reduces headcount and lessens manual work on finished goods that result in cost savings and speed to market delivery.

Sealed Air's Testing and Lab Facilities

Our global network of packaging design centers offer unparalleled expertise in solving your packaging challenges. It includes ISTA certified design centers, and a range of testing equipment to ensure our material and packaging solutions are able to meet the exact required protective packaging requirements of our customers’ products.

Package Drop Test

We are able to accurately measure the various acceleration levels that a package experiences on a flat, corner or edge drop test. From the findings, we design the cushion packaging that best protects any out of box failures or cosmetic damages to the package and its contents.

Tensile and Compressive Strength Test

We are able to evaluate and understand the mechanical behavior of materials under conditions of tension and compression to include product tensile resistance, tear resistance, shear resistance, cohesive resistance, stripping resistance and materials under crushing loads and its contents.

Burst Strength Test

We can determine the bursting strength of paper and corrugated boards up to 50 kgf/cm2, ensuring that the kinds of paper products used satisfies international and industry standards.

Temperature and Humidity Test

We are able to analyze the effects of the product’s ability to function in its intended or specified environments, or under extreme conditions, so as to effectively design a packaging solution for the product’s end-use environment.

Color Assessment

This is applied to maintain color consistency and quality for our customers’ packaging products.

Rapid Infrared Moisture Test

This is conducted to analyze the moisture content of these materials prior to incorporating them into our design solutions.

Melt Flow Rate Check

As we continue with our Materials development, this test ensures the melt flow rate of polymers (PE, PP, PC, ABS, PA, etc. ) meet our customers’ requirements.

Review Your Packaging Performance

Can your packaging design meet the necessary test requirements to protect your product? Contact us and we will direct you to our nearest test facility to find out.